Paste white marking for correction of eyebrows Henna Expert 25 gr.

Henna Expert - Brows
Contrasting white paste designed for quick custom shaping when stained with henna or dye.
- Dense consistency: the paste does not spread, it is convenient to apply it, building perfectly even lines;
- Elasticity: the paste does not dry out and does not crumble during the procedure;
- Careful formula: the paste does not dry or irritate the skin when removed;
- No preservatives: brow paste is made from beeswax and lanolin.

HENNA EXPERT paste can be used for both professional and home coloring.

A sketch of the shape of the eyebrows is worked out based on the natural data of the client: the shape and pattern of eyebrow growth, facial features, eye position, shape of the nose, lips, natural slight asymmetry). And you can easily control the boundaries of the modeled shape!

Volume: 25g
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