Soothing gel Henna Refresh with aloe juice, 50 ml

Henna Expert - Brows
HENNA REFRESH is henna and preparations for useful coloring and improvement of eyebrows thanks to natural ingredients.
Benefits of HENNA REFRESH:
- Permanent tinting of eyebrows up to 8 weeks
- Useful composition
- Innovative home care
- Thoughtful packaging

Gel with aloe juice promotes accelerated skin recovery after the threading procedure, relieving irritation. When using the gel, enzymatic processes are improved, blood supply to cells is activated, which allows the skin to look beautiful and well-groomed. The natural components found in aloe give the skin elasticity. An important function of the gel is its ability to protect against aggressive ultraviolet radiation.
Volume 50ml

Active natural ingredients in the product:
Aloe juice - has antiviral and antibacterial effects, moisturizes, soothes, heals
Anisic acid - has an antimicrobial effect

The soothing gel is presented in a convenient jar with a measuring spoon, which helps the artist to take the right amount of product and eliminates the ingress of external bacteria.
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