Tweezers L NEW with manual sharpening extra sharp ENIGMA

Enigma Tweezers
The L NEW hand-sharpened Enigma Extra Sharp tweezers are designed for volumetric extensions and Hollywood hyper volumes.

Such tweezers have wide flaps and confidently hold even large bundles. It is suitable for both manual and tape equipment.

Enigma Extra Sharp is a pair of tweezers with additional manual sharpening using a special technology that allows you to achieve the most accurate closing.

Advantages of Enigma Extra Sharp Tweezers:

Sharp tips. They help to accurately highlight native eyelashes, capture individual artificial hairs and bundles. This speeds up the wizard's work process.

Internal sharpening. This is a special treatment of the flaps of the tweezers from the inside, which allows you to achieve a tighter closure and better fixation of artificial eyelashes. Only Extra Sharp tweezers have internal sharpening.

Precise closing. Manual sharpening allows you to achieve perfectly smooth flaps with tight closure across the entire width. This ensures comfortable beam formation. 

Each tweezer is tested
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