InLei Permanent eyebrow composition "Brow Lift 1" Volume: 30 ml


Permanent eyebrow composition is the 1st step in the Brow Bomber line. The ingredients included are exclusively of Italian origin. Optimally calibrated specifically for a gentle effect on the eyebrows, Ph (9-9.50) allows you to quickly and delicately penetrate deep into the hairs.

Contains purified (99%) vegetable glycerin, which is a natural and hypoallergenic protector for sensitive eyebrow skin. Does not require additional protection.

Use exclusively in tandem with other compositions of the Brow Bomber line!


Apply before applying glue.

On previously prepared eyebrows, carefully comb the eyebrows in the desired direction.

Apply a thin and uniform layer of   InLei® BROW LIFT using a brush. Exposure time:

- fine hairs 6-8 min;

- medium hairs 8-9 min;

- dense hairs 9-10 min.

In some cases, additional exposure time may be required.

After the time has passed, remove the composition using a dry cotton pad.

Do not use for eyelash lamination!

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