Professional Eyelash Tint blue-black lb

lb Lamination / coloring

LB eyelash tint is a natural paint designed specifically for eyelashes, taking into account the characteristics of the delicate and sensitive skin of the eyelids. This is a highly pigmented gentle paint based on argan oil, which, together with the pigment, impregnates the entire structure of the eyelash and nourishes it from the inside. Thanks to the oil, the composition is soft, evenly distributed and does not spread.

Eyelash dye is used both in the course of an independent eyelash coloring procedure and in LB procedures: eyelash lamination: after lamination composition No. 2, before applying the LB elixir.

Ideally works with the most sparing oxide 1%: it effectively displays a rich color, but at the same time does not dry out the eyelash, carefully preserves its healthy state.

Volume 20 ml

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