InLei FORMA - universal silicone pads

Absolutely new - universal rollers (curlers) for eyelash lamination from the Italian brand InLei! Made from hypoallergenic medical silicone of the highest quality (can be sterilized in an autoclave). The innovative shape of the rollers in a translucent turquoise color has one size for any length of eyelashes! Due to the absence of a petal, FORMA rollers are suitable for almost any eyelid and any eyelashes. Special lines set the direction for easier eyelash placement. The shape of the ridges for the right and left eyes is different. Suitable for lamination of lower eyelashes. The set includes 4 pairs of rollers of the same size (2 pairs of matte and 2 pairs of glossy), the inside of all rollers is glossy - for easier fixation of the roller on the eyelid.

Shelf life after opening the product: unlimited
Packing: 4 pairs of rollers (2 pairs matte and 2 pairs glossy in one size)
Made in Italy
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