Narrow steam bath film with tear-off edge LB

lb Lamination / botox / coloring
LB film is intended for long-term eyebrow styling and eyelash lamination procedures. It easily attaches to the skin, holding the hairs in a given direction. By creating a thermal effect, the film reduces the holding time of the compositions, allowing the master to speed up the work.

LB film is also used for applying an anesthetic during permanent makeup procedures or any other cosmetic procedures that require anesthesia.

The film packaging is additionally equipped with a plastic blade, with which you can easily and safely tear off the tape to the required length. The optimal width of the film allows you to work precisely with small areas on the face.

The film is a disposable consumable.

Directions for use: attach the blade to the side of the box. Use it to cut the required amount of film and cover the area where the composition is applied without pressing.

Film width: 42 mm.
Film length: 200 m.
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