Microbrushes LB

Additional materials
Disposable applicators are an indispensable consumable in the work of an eyelash lamination master. Familiar to all microbrushes are presented in a number of sizes: S, M, L, XS. Their advantage is that a tiny applicator brush allows you to apply preparations and paint on eyelashes with particular precision, economically consuming materials and doing the job extremely cleanly and accurately.

 Working with LB microbrushes is convenient for a master with any experience in practice: they do not leave a pile and do not absorb moisture, do not allow preparations to spread. Applying and removing preparations from the eyelashes is easy, and the client does not feel any discomfort at this time.

 LB applicators are made of eco-friendly fibre. They can also be used in Botox eyelash treatments, extensions and other services.
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