Moisturizing foam for makeup removal BESPECIAL

Moisturizing foam for removing makeup Make-up Remover

Gentle single-phase makeup remover foam removes any dirt and cosmetics. Suitable for irritated skin, can be used after eyebrow correction and after coloring eyebrows with paint or henna: the foam will not affect the duration of coloring in any way. Effectively removes even the most stubborn makeup.

It has a soft melting texture and a pleasant aroma.
The special formula does not dry the skin, softens it without leaving a sticky feeling, hydrolyzed collagen in the composition prevents aging of the skin around the eyes. The product is hypoallergenic and has passed ophthalmological and dermatological testing.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of foam to a hygienic cotton pad, and with leisurely movements and gentle pressure, cleanse the skin and hairs of the eyebrows and eyelashes from makeup and impurities. After using the foam, you do not need to wash your face with water.

Volume: 50 ml
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