Antibacterial thread for threading with aloe juice Henna Refresh 300m

Henna Expert - Brows
Extra strong cotton thread removes hair without irritation. Thanks to special impregnation with aloe, the thread avoids redness and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Aloe extract - has a moisturizing, healing, antibacterial and tonic effect on the skin.

The thread is impregnated with aloe juice and antibacterial treatment takes place in a deep pressure apparatus. To make the thread, natural drinking aloe vera juice 99.7% + alcohol base is used. Spools of thread are treated with a concentrated solution under high pressure and then dried in a chamber at high temperatures. Alcohol degreases the thread, promotes rapid evaporation and preservation, which allows you to preserve the properties of the thread for a long time. 

The unique packaging of the thread with a safety blade ensures hygiene and convenience of the procedure.

Length 300m
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