Colored eyelashes ENIGMA (mix) "Purple" 6 lines


  • The choice of bright and bold girls is purple eyelash extensions. For the first time, we propose not to limit yourself to a couple of colored tufts in the corner of the eye, but instead to perform a full-length extension of colored eyelashes. The purple hue is saturated, like that of voluminous wisteria inflorescences, but not flashy neon. We keep a fine line between a bright self-expression and a loud rebellion, so these eyelashes cause an extremely positive response, admiration and well-deserved compliments.
  • Soft texture that mimics the feel of natural lashes
  • Hypoallergenic monofilament does not lose color even in bright sunlight
  • Vibrant lashes bring out eye color and add a bold, bold accent to the eyes
  • ENIGMA has embodied all the desires of the masters and created palettes that are really convenient to work with:
  • The full parameters of the lashes are indicated on each line: thickness, curl and length will not be lost from sight, even when you stick the line on the tablet. Information will always remain in front of your eyes. You will not get confused by stretching the dimensions during the procedure.
  • Convenient Adhesive Tape: Eyelashes can be easily peeled off and stuck on tape to form a bun. You can quickly form a bundle with tweezers from a tape or with the help of manual equipment. The lines themselves are as comfortable as possible: they stick perfectly, leaving no marks on the tablet after peeling off.
  • Eyelashes in the palette are one to one: length, thickness and bend are uniform, always exactly match the declared parameters.
  • The backing is not glued to the palette, but has an adhesive part on the back: you choose how and where to place it, so that you are as comfortable as possible when working.
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