Eyebrow styling composition No. 2 Brow&Go Fixing Cream, 1 ml sachet

Brow&Go are affordable materials for long-term eyebrow styling that provide a stable, predictable result of the procedure. A reliable eyebrow styling system will help both a professional artist and a beginner to achieve different effects from the procedure using the same ingredients.

By varying the holding time of the compositions and the method of carrying out the procedure, you can successfully implement different customer requests:

- “tame” and strictly fix unruly, hard eyebrows

- achieve a natural styling effect on soft, fine hairs

- arrange individual curly hairs

The result of the procedure will last from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the phase of hair growth.

The composition for the second stage of the eyebrow styling procedure sets a new direction for the hairs, they become pliable for subsequent styling by the client. The composition has a pink color, which makes it easier to lay out and reduces the likelihood of incorrect application to a minimum.

The balanced formula and active components make the composition soft and safe:

- Polyquaternium-72, filling voids in the damaged hair structure, preserves eyebrow styling, leaving it mobile.

- Dimethicone PEG-12 gives hair softness, silkiness and shine while retaining moisture.

The composition is available in traditional form - sachet, 1 ml

Before use, carefully read the instructions for each eyebrow styling to get the desired effect and excellent results!
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