Henna for eyebrows with ginger and saffron extract Henna Refresh, 7g

Active natural ingredients in the product:
Ginger root - stimulates hair growth and healing, strengthens and nourishes, maintains color brightness due to gingerol
Saffron is the king of plants, has antioxidant, rejuvenating, tonic, moisturizing properties.
Pearl powder (mother of pearl) - has an excellent rejuvenating and wound-healing effect
Aloe extract - has a moisturizing, healing, antibacterial and tonic effect on the skin
Jojoba oil - provides nutrition and regeneration of the skin, strengthens hair, improves its structure, increases elasticity, moisturizes
Henna is packaged in an opaque, dense tube with a spout, which guarantees the preservation of the properties of the product throughout its shelf life.
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