Glue black Enigma "Universe"(5 ml)

  • Volume: 5 ml
  • Hitch speed: 0.5-1 second. Ideal for experienced craftsmen.
  • Wear time: 7-8 weeks.
  • Evaporation: minimal.
  • Black adhesive with a liquid consistency and medium elasticity. With it, you can quickly fix any defect, disconnect the glue or remove excess glue before it hardens.
  • Working conditions: humidity 40-70%, temperature 18-23°С
  • Shelf life: 6 months, open shelf life - 2 months.
  • Conventional glue works at 20-23°C and 40-60% humidity. Enigma polymerizes at 18-23°C and 40-70% humidity.
  • Long Lasting: Lashes last up to 8 weeks.
  • Comfortable: thanks to the ideal consistency, the glue does not spread, it is economically consumed; it is convenient to work with him.
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