InLei Nourishing eyebrow oil "Brow Bomber3" Volume: 15 ml

At the next, final stage, Brow Bomber deep oil penetrates the structure and nourishes the hair from the inside, containing:

MACADAMIA OIL: balances sebum production, nourishes, moisturizes and restructures hairs without weighing them down. In summer it protects, allowing the color to remain stable in the sun.

ARGAN OIL: quickly absorbed, moisturizes, neutralizes free radicals, gives softness and silkiness. Restores dry, brittle and dull hair.

Almond oil: Thanks to its nourishing and softening properties, hair becomes soft, bright and moisturized. Prevents premature loss, having the ability to perfectly moisturize.

CALENDULA extract: healing, anti-irritant and antiseptic ingredient.  It has a soothing effect on red and inflamed skin and, thanks to its properties, normalizes sebum production.

It has a specially developed ultra-light nourishing cream texture, adds shine without leaving a greasy film, and is easily and quickly absorbed.

Use oil after permanent, fixing compositions and coloring with InLei cream paint;

Squeeze a few drops of oil from the bottle into a bowl. Using a brush/comb, apply oil to natural eyebrows and leave for 5 minutes. If necessary, remove excess using a thin paper napkin using a blotting motion.
Does not need rinsing. Does not contain water or preservatives.

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