Sticky patch rollers for lifting of lower eyelashes KATYA VINOG

Size A – short lower eyelashes.
Color: light green.
Shape: anatomical.
Hardness: very soft.
Size B – medium lower eyelashes.
Orange color.
Shape: anatomical.
Hardness: very soft.
Size C – long lower eyelashes.
Pink colour.
Shape: anatomical.
Hardness: very soft.
The rollers are very soft and sticky, made of premium quality silicone, hypoallergenic and easy to use.

Advantages of rollers by Katya Vinogradova:
• Reusable
• Suitable for any eye shape and fit
• Suitable for straight eyelashes
• Sticky - sticks to the eyelid themselves
• Create an expressive curl and high-quality renewal of eyelashes
• Comfortable for clients with sensitive eyes
• Can be sterilized in peroxide 3%

The rule for selecting the size of the roller is “the ends of the eyelashes at the end of the roller” or the eyelashes are 1-2 mm shorter than the limit of the roller.

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