Alkaline cleansing foam for eyelashes before extensions Enigma (120 ml)

Professional foam for preparing eyelashes for extension procedures. Thanks to its alkaline pH (8), it helps achieve deep cleansing, effectively removing impurities and makeup.

The foam contains soft cleansing agents based on natural coconut oil, lavender hydrolate and has a pH of 8 - this is a perfectly balanced formula for effectively cleansing eyelashes while taking care of the delicate skin around the eyes. The foam does not dry out eyelashes and is suitable even for sensitive skin.

The foam is intended for professional use only. Not suitable for DIY home cleaning.

How to use foam:
Apply a small amount to eyelids and eyelashes. Using a brush or brush, gently rinse your eyelashes along the growth line from root to tip. Rinse your eyelashes thoroughly with water.
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