Lifting composition №3 Next Moisturising Serum LB

lb Lamination / botox / coloring
A new generation of compositions for eyelash lamination. Never before has a curl been so durable and vibrant.

Fundamental changes in the formula of each drug:
Uniformity down to the nanometer.
New components - glyceryl stearate and glycerin. With them, thioglecolic acid hugs each eyelash with a dense, uniform network of molecules. The hair rises over the entire area of application of composition No. 1.
Composition No. 2 is rich in nutrients: panthenol, licorice extract, horsetail extract. They add shine and silkiness to every hair.
A powerful therapeutic complex of composition No. 3 of vitamins and herbal preparations rehabilitates eyelashes after the procedure. Silk proteins form a protective film, sodium hyaluronate holds moisturizing components on the hair.

New sachet format: 1.5 ml. Enough for 7-8 procedures - ideal for professionals with a large flow of clients.
100% predictable result
Minimum exposure time
Care and efficiency

Composition No. 3 LB Next Moisturizing Serum
Exposure: 3-5 minutes
+ Silk proteins create a protective film on the surface of the hair.
+ Sodium hyaluronate provides long-lasting hydration from the inside.
+ Powerful restorative nutritional complex nourishes and heals eyelashes:
Vitamin C
Marshmallow extract
Malic acids
Arnica extract
Aloe extract
Chamomile extract
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