Botox for eyelashes LB “Regenerating Booster”

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New generation of Botox for eyelashes! LB's super new product is Botox, which does not need to be diluted.

Doing eyelash Botox is now even faster and easier!

The Regenerating Booster formula consists of 75% natural ingredients;

A new form of collagen is atelocollagen. Its molecules are even smaller, due to which they penetrate even better into the structure of the eyelashes and fill damaged areas;

Consumption: 0.2 ml per procedure. 1 tube is enough for 65-80 procedures!

Regenerating Booster is an innovative beauty formula and a completely new take on the Botox procedure.

How does Botox Regenerating Booster LB work?

The action of the composition is aimed primarily at filling the damaged parts of the eyelash. Due to this, firstly, a restorative effect is achieved, and secondly, the eyelashes immediately look denser, more voluminous and healthy.

Atelocollagen in Botox makes eyelashes more shiny and creates a thin protective layer on them.

The Regenerating Booster formula is enriched with 5 oils: castor, argan, almond, macadamia and jojoba oil. They nourish eyelashes, make them more elastic, stronger and eliminate their fragility.

The product also contains aloe juice, betaine, panthenol (vitamin B5), hydrolyzed wheat proteins and rice protein hydrate, tocopherol acetate and vitamin A. This enhances the nutritional effect of Botox, saturates the hair with moisture and softens it.

Despite the fact that Regenerating Booster does not need to be diluted like regular Botox, its effect is just as bright and noticeable, and the tube is also enough for 65-80 procedures.

In order for the composition to “linger” on the eyelashes longer and not wash out, it is necessary to combine the Botox procedure with lamination.

And to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, it is worth carrying out a set of 3-4 procedures (depending on the condition of the client’s eyelashes) with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

The LB line of recovery complexes includes 2 drugs:

1.    Health&Volume Elixir - in liquid form in an ampoule

2.    Regenerating Booster - in the form of a cream in a tube

Thanks to their rich composition, both drugs affect the structure of the eyelashes, filling damaged areas and smoothing the surface, deeply moisturize and nourish, providing eyelashes with natural shine and elasticity, and also stimulate their growth.

Moreover, both drugs do not replace, but are an excellent complement to each other.

Health&Volume Elixir is recommended for working with thin, weakened and severely damaged eyelashes; thanks to its texture, it softly and tightly envelops the eyelash, quickly fills damaged areas in the structure, in other words, acts as a so-called. "exoskeleton" for eyelashes.

Regenerating Booster is recommended for working with dense and heavy eyelashes that have minor damage. Thanks to its creamy texture, the booster is quickly absorbed and does not additionally weigh down the eyelashes; the curl does not fall.

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