Compensators for eyelash lamination MIA

Your helpers in creating perfect eyelashes. Ideal surface and texture of the product, adjoining to any rollers.

MIA silicone strips fit perfectly to the rollers, securely fixing the eyelashes, preventing them from moving or moving away from the rollers, maintaining the given direction of the eyelashes and fixing the curl with the composition. A real help to the master during the procedure.

COMPENSATORS - can be used at any stage of the procedure
- do not stain

- ideal for coloring upper/lower eyelashes during the lamination procedure

- for perfect eyelashes in one plane without sagging

- the shape is designed for an even fit

- a special petal is provided for easy removal

- ideal surface and texture of the product

- optimal length and width will make your feed juicy and beautiful

- with a secret (they glow under UV light)

- left and right are marked

Can be dried at 130%.

Length: ~4.8 mm

Width: ~0.5mm
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