Crystal BESPECIAL colorless eyebrow gel

Colorless eyebrow styling gel Crystal from BESPECIAL fixes hairs in the desired position for the whole day. The compact applicator evenly distributes the gel over the eyebrow shape. The gel does not roll into lumps, does not stick eyebrows together and does not leave stickiness.

The texture does not spread and securely fixes the hairs, maintaining the natural appearance of the eyebrows. The gel is completely colorless and does not leave a white residue. The result is the same as after an eyebrow lamination procedure: flawless styling with natural airy volume, which emphasizes an expressive look.

Caring components protect eyebrows from the effects of negative factors. The gel  can be used immediately after eyebrow correction. It does not contain parabens and does not harm eyebrow dyeing or henna: the color and durability remain unchanged.

Directions for use: Apply the gel at the final stage of eyebrow makeup, slightly lifting the hairs with a brush and placing them in the shape. The product can be used alone or in tandem with pigmented cosmetics: Powder Pick eyebrow shadows, Slimliner, Browmatic, Vintage pencils and any other products. The advantage of Crystal is that it fixes not only the shape of the eyebrows, but also the unstable loose textures of cosmetics, prolonging the flawless look of makeup for more than 12 hours.

Volume: 5 ml
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