DYE gel for eyelashes and eyebrows BRONSUN

The updated BRONSUN® gel-color is the first extra-resistant gel-color for eyelashes and eyebrows: it colors not only the hairs, but also the skin, providing an expressive and rich result.
BRONSUN® is a champion in durability: from 7 days on skin / from 7 weeks on hair.
The ammonia-free formula guarantees a delicate effect on the hair structure. Gel dye does not dry out hairs, so it is ideal for procedures such as eyelash lamination and long-term eyebrow styling.
In the updated line, we have rethought the approach to ease of working with the product, now it is:
even more convenient paint consistency;
tinted base for visual control of application;
changed color base, which allowed familiar colors to sparkle with new shades.
The colors have become brighter and more saturated! We recommend that you test the mixes before work to get the perfect result.
We recommend using the updated line:
everyone who wants to get bright and long-lasting prints on the skin;
everyone who wants to try something new;
everyone who wants to be the first!

To highlight the updated paint, we marked it with a sticker. This way, you can always be sure that you are purchasing a product with an updated formula.
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