THUYA long-term eyebrow styling kit

Long-term eyebrow styling procedure, you get perfectly styled eyebrows without the effect of glued hairs. The effect lasts 3-4 weeks. The procedure takes 20-25 minutes. The complex can be used to shape and tint eyebrows.

The kit includes 3 components for the procedure:

Step 1. Permanent gel Thuya Professional Line 15 ml. Property: softens, opens hair scales. The permanent gel contains ammonium thioglycolate, which actively destroys amino acid bonds in the hair. Attention! The smell during the procedure is the release of hydrogen sulfide and is absolutely normal during such procedures in accordance with chemical processes.

Step 2. Neutralizer cream (liquid) Thuya Professional Line 15 ml. Property: serves to harden keratin and preserve new bonds formed in the hair. The amount of neutralizer should be selected based on the amount of the first composition (Permanent gel).

Step 3. Regenerating Argan cream oil 15 ml. Property: seals the effect inside the hair, increasing its durability.

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