InLei compositions for eyebrow lamination "BROW LIFT 1, BROW LOCK 2, BROW BOMBER 3"

Permanent eyebrow composition is the 1st step in the Brow Bomber line. The ingredients included are exclusively of Italian origin.
Does not require additional protection.

Apply before applying glue.
On previously prepared eyebrows, carefully comb the eyebrows in the desired direction.
Apply a thin and uniform layer of   InLei BROW LIFT using a brush. Exposure time:

- fine hairs 6-8 min;
- medium hairs 8-9 min;
- dense hairs 9-10 min.
In some cases, additional exposure time may be required.
After the time has passed, remove the composition using a dry cotton pad.
Do not use for eyelash lamination!

Brow Lock 2 is the second step in the Brow Bomber line of products.

A fixative composition based on hydrogen peroxide delicately fixes the direction of the eyebrow and securely secures the desired shape. The formula, ideally developed in percentage terms, ensures stable operation and the highest quality interaction with the first and third compositions during the procedure. Ph level (2.5 – 3.5)

Use exclusively in tandem with other compositions of the Brow Bomber line!

Application: Apply InLei BROW LOCK evenly to all hairs using a brush. Leave for 5-7 minutes.  Remove any remaining preparations for coloring with a damp but well-wrung-out cotton pad.

At the next, final stage, Brow Bomber oil deeply penetrates the structure and nourishes the hair from the inside.

It has a specially developed ultra-light nourishing cream texture, adds shine without leaving a greasy film, and is easily and quickly absorbed.

Use oil after permanent, fixing compositions and coloring with InLei cream paint;
Squeeze a few drops of oil from the bottle into a bowl. Using a brush/comb, apply oil to natural eyebrows and leave for 5 minutes. If necessary, remove excess using a thin paper napkin using a blotting motion.
Does not need rinsing. Does not contain water or preservatives.

Volume: 1.5 ml
Made in Italy
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