Tweezers Mini L 45° NEW ENIGMA

Mini L-45 tweezers with standard sharpening from Enigma.

The tool is maneuverable, fast, and comfortable: it has a convenient angle, and a small tip allows you to reach the corners of the client’s eyes. Conveniently, this form of tweezers does not require changing the support of the hand. Another advantage is that it is suitable for all beam formation methods. Also, the Mini L-45 tweezers work great when working with L-shaped bends.

Tweezers are ideal for classic extensions and for creating volumetric bundles.

Thanks to the soft movement of the shutters, the master can work comfortably and his hand does not get tired. Material: high-quality German steel.

Due to the denser base of the tips, the tweezers easily hold hypervolumes.

Each tweezers with standard sharpening undergoes a three-stage testing system: at the manufacturer’s warehouse before shipping, at our warehouse upon acceptance, and before shipping to customers.

Color of tweezers with standard sharpening: Metallic
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