Mini-Volume Enigma tweezers with manual sharpening extra sharp

Mini-Volume tweezers with manual sharpening Enigma Extra Sharp are designed for volumetric extensions and creating Hollywood hypervolumes.
Unlike the classic Volume, these tweezers are more maneuverable. Its advantage is that the doors are not too wide and are uniform along the entire length. This allows you to more accurately and confidently capture eyelashes using any technique and see the entire bunch at once.

Enigma Extra Sharp are tweezers with additional manual sharpening using a special technology that allows you to achieve the most precise closure.

Advantages of Enigma Extra Sharp tweezers:

Sharp ends. They help to accurately highlight natural eyelashes and capture individual artificial hairs and tufts. This speeds up the master's work process.

Internal sharpening. This is a special treatment of the tweezer wings from the inside, which allows you to achieve a tighter closure and better fixation of artificial eyelashes. Only Extra Sharp tweezers have internal sharpening.

Precise closure. Manual sharpening allows you to achieve perfectly smooth sashes with tight closure across the entire width. This ensures comfortable formation of beams. 

Each tweezer is tested by an eyelash extension trainer.  All tools undergo a series of tests. This allows for exceptional quality. The verification takes place in four stages:

First stage. In production, before shipping, the tweezers are checked to ensure they are fit.

Second phase. Upon receipt at the warehouse, the tweezers are checked again. At this stage we discover a defect that is not allowed for further work.

Third stage. After additional manual sharpening, the tweezers are inspected by a specialist. He checks the shape, width and sharpness of the tips, and closure.

Fourth stage. Before sending to stores, the tweezers are checked by an extension trainer. The tool is tested for beam formation, smoothness of movement, clamping accuracy, and sharpness of tips. If the trainer has comments about the tweezers, the tool is sent for re-sharpening and adjusted to perfect condition.

All Enigma tweezers are made of high quality German steel. This is the most durable and hygienic option for tweezers. These tweezers retain their shape and sharpness during sterilization and are not subject to corrosion.

Thanks to the soft movement of the shutters, even during prolonged work the master’s hand does not get tired, pressing occurs without additional effort.

Colored and multicolor ultra-thin plasma coating looks impressive, does not affect the weight of the instrument, and does not deform after disinfection. Plazma-coated tweezers do not slip in your hand, so the risk of dropping and damaging the tweezers is minimal.
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