Eyelash cleanser LB (30ml)

lb Lamination / coloring
Professional degreaser prepares eyelashes for lamination, as well as other procedures. It gently cleanses the eyelashes of any impurities and residues of cosmetics without overdrying the hair. Careful degreasing of eyelashes ensures better adhesion and performance of the formulations.

Despite the low alcohol content, the product has no alcohol smell. In contrast, the LB degreaser has a pleasant melon flavor.

The composition contains caring medicinal components:

Glycerin softens and nourishes eyelashes
Wheat germ extract contains a rich complex of vitamins: A, E, B, F, PP. The component has antioxidant properties, restores the hair structure and stimulates the growth of eyelashes.

The degreaser is easy to apply, it does not cause discomfort to the client. Apply the product with a microbrush or cotton swab along the entire length of the lashes from the roots to the tips.
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