Compounding brush (wide LB-2) LB

lb Lamination / coloring
The wide-bristled brush allows you to gently yet quickly distribute laminations  on the eyelashes, saving materials and keeping your work clean. You will appreciate its advantages in work:

LB brushes have a comfortable long handle. Other lash and brow tint manufacturers put a short plastic brush in the kit, and you have to keep your hand too close to the client's face, causing him discomfort and suffering with the distribution of the compositions.

The LB brush is made of natural wood and does not slip out of the hand of the master, even if you work with gloves. Plastic brushes can be difficult to hold, work gets dirty, and resources are wasted inefficiently.

The length of the handle of the LB brushes allows you to fit them into any standard cosmetic bag. You will have no problem storing and carrying the brush.

Only synthetic bristles can guarantee hypoallergenicity. LB has chosen the optimal stiffness for a wide brush, so that it allows you to ideally distribute and remove formulations for lamination of eyelashes, without wasting extra time and without wasted effort.
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