Composition for lamination №2 Lash&Go

Composition No. 2 Neutralizing Cream:

Permanently fixes eyelashes in a new, elastic and elegant curve.
Protects brittle lashes.
It has a soft pink tint, it is noticeable on the eyelashes: laying out the composition on the eyelashes has never been so easy.

Composition No. 2 is available in sachet format - perhaps the most convenient according to most eyelash lamination masters. The consumption of the composition is economical, and it also protects your eyesight - after all, it is such a charming pink! The drug is visible when laying out: you work neatly, cleanly and spend exactly as much as you need.

Among the components is mineral oil, which carefully envelops the eyelash, providing its strength and flexibility. And a thin protective film of stylyr alcohol reliably protects each hair after the procedure of exposure to negative environmental factors.

And another nice bonus is the price of Lash&Go products. You will not find other laminating compounds available with the same high quality. Lash&Go is not inferior to the market leaders in terms of compositions, guaranteeing a predictable result - the client's delight of a bright and elastic curl after the procedure up to 2 months.

The exposure time of composition No. 2 is from 4 to 7 minutes.

Use Formula #2 with other Lash&Go products to ensure every treatment is a success.
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