Set of silicone molds LB (6 pairs), sizes S, M, M1, M2, L, L1

lb Lamination / coloring
Innovative silicone molds for eyelash lamination with Easy Lift technology:

The INVERSE POINT provides a quick and error-free selection of the desired size of the form depending on the length of the eyelashes and allows you to determine the area of application of the composition to create a curl of different shapes. Flat dot application prevents eyelash crease.

SMOOTH SEAL TO THE INTERNAL CORNERS OF THE EYES allows you to create a uniform and beautiful curl without creases and recurling, and also provides a simplified layout of the compositions without special measurements.

LIFTING TYPE of forms (S, M) allows you to work with an overhanging eyelid and lifts eyelashes from the root, suitable for laminating the lower eyelashes.

ROUND TYPE of shapes (M1, M2, L, L1) allows you to work with a wide interlash and creates an expressive curl.

The optimal length of the shape is suitable for any type and cut of the eyes, and allows you to achieve different effects, when located on the eyelid with a slight offset. The shapes correspond to the anatomical structure of the eye, thanks to which they are easily and smoothly placed on the eyelid. Asymmetry about the center allows you to change their places, thereby achieving a variety of effects, and allowing you to work with "complex" eyelashes. The compact size of the petal provides comfort for the client and the convenience of the master in the process of fixing the shape and eyelashes, while protecting the eyelid during staining. A wide range of sizes allows you to work with eyelashes of different lengths.
Soft hypoallergenic silicone with a velvety surface creates a comfortable feeling for the client and is easy to use: the shape is pliable and well fixed, the non-slip matte finish makes it easy to lay out eyelashes. Color allows you to work with both light and dark eyelashes. Forms are easy to care for: the material allows them to be sterilized in dry heat.
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